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Bill King's Biography
Bill King is a life-long resident of the Houston area. He was born and raised in Kemah, later attended University of Houston where he earned a bachelorís degree in political science and a law degree.

Mr. King currently is President of Southwest Airport Services and writes a weekly column for the Houston Chronicle. He has enjoyed a varied business and legal career.  Mr. King is mostly retired from serving as of cousel to Bracewell & Guiliani.

His civic involvement has been extensive. In the early 1990s he returned to live in Kemah where he was elected to city council and eventually served two terms as mayor.

He has served on numerous charitable and community boards including the Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston, Galveston Bay Foundation, Interfaith Ministries, Crime Stoppers, the Methodist Debakey Heart & Vascular Council, Bay Area Houston Economic Partners and the HGAC Transportation Policy Council.
During his years in public service he has developed a keen interest in public policy issues. He has served on numerous committees and task forces studying issue related to the efficient delivery of public services, especially in the areas of public infrastructure, mobility, environmental stewardship and emergency preparedness.